Community Resource Coordination Groups of Texas Information about Local CRCGs

There are approximately 160 Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCGs) available to the 254 Texas counties. These CRCGs are organized on a county-by-county basis and some CRCGs cover several counties to form one collective CRCG. CRCGs are also organized according to the population served. There is a local CRCG that serves children and youth available to all 254 Texas counties. Some communities are adding the capacity to serve adults through a CRCG by expanding the current CRCG for children and youth to serve all ages - becoming a CRCG for Families (CRCGF). Others have chosen to develop a separate group to serve adults (CRCGA). Each CRCG has elected one of their members as a Chairperson to serve in a leadership or facilitator role at each CRCG meeting. These CRCG leadership positions are voluntary and no monetary compensation is given. The Chairperson serves as a point of contact for his/her local CRCG.

Some local CRCGs around the state have secured a dedicated staff position, or a CRCG Coordinator, to assist with the local CRCG operation. The procurement of these positions is entirely up to the decision of the members of the local CRCG(s). CRCG Coordinator positions are not available in all counties.

Click on the county name below to access local CRCG contact information for any Texas county. The information you will receive is:

  • the CRCG Chairperson contacting information,
  • the population that CRCG serves (children/youth, adults or both populations through a CRCG for families),
  • the CRCG Coordinator, or dedicated staff position, that serves at the direction of that particular CRCG (if applicable), and
  • the service area, or grouping of counties, that one CRCG covers.

The county CRCG contact information is updated at least quarterly. If you have difficulty accessing this information, please contact the State TIFI/CRCG Office for assistance.

Local CRCG contact information for any Texas county can be accessed by clicking on the county name below. In many cases, a  CRCG may serve more than one county.

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