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The Residential Care program provides services to eligible adults who require access to care on a 24-hour basis but do not require daily nursing intervention. Services may include personal care, home management, escort/transportation, 24-hour supervision, room and food, social and recreational activities. The Assisted Living (AL) program provides a 24-hour living arrangement in licensed assisted living facilities in which personal care, home management, escort, social and recreational activities, 24-hour supervision, supervision of/assistance with or direct administration of medication, and transportation are provided.

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    Note: Rate Analysis staff can assist you with questions concerning only payment rates and cost reporting for the specified program. They are not able to answer other types of questions such as the status of payment for services rendered or questions involving eligibility for care services.)

    Information regarding this program can be found on the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) website.

    If you have questions regarding Residential Care and Community Based Alternatives Assisted Living payment rates please call the Rate Analyst at the number on the Contacts List.

    For assistance with the mailing and receipt information for the Residential Care and Community Based Alternatives Assisted Living cost reports, contact the Data Development Specialist at the number on the Contacts List.


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Updated: January 31, 2017