Rate Analysis for Long-Term Services and Supports


The Rate Analysis Department (RAD) develops reimbursement methodology rules for determining payment rates or rate ceilings for recommendation to the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) for Medicaid payment rates and non-Medicaid payment rates for programs operated by the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) and the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). RAD develops payment rates or rate ceilings in accordance with these rules and agency policy guidelines consisting of the following:

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24-Hour Residential Child Care and Supervised Independent Living Program (24 RCC/SIL)
Adult Foster Care  (AFC)
Adult Mental Health Program (AMH)
Community Based Alternatives  (CBA)
Community First Choice (CFC)
Community Living Assistance and Support Services  (CLASS)
Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Program (CRS)
Consolidated Waiver Program  (CWP)
Consumer-Managed Personal Assistance Services  (CMPAS)
Day Activity & Health Services  (DAHS)
Deaf Blind Multiple Disabilities Waiver  (DBMD)
Emergency Response Services  (ERS)
Home and Community Based Services  (HCS)
Home-Delivered Meals  (HDM)
Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability or Related Conditions  (ICF/IID)
Medically Dependent Children Program  (MDCP)
Nursing Facility  (NF)
Nursing Facility Rehabilitative and Specialized Services
Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Center  (PPECC)
Primary Home Care  (PHC)
Residential Care  (RC)
Texas Home Living  (TxHmL)
Youth Empowerment Services Waiver Program (YES)

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Updated: April 25, 2017