2012 Cost Report Information


On December 31, 2012, a cost report information letter for the 2012 reporting period was sent via Information Letter to all contracted providers through an electronic communication from DADS or DFPS (24 RCC). This letter advised that all documents needed for submitting the 2012 cost report are available at this website.

View the Cost Report Information Letters

The due date for the 2012 cost report is March 31, 2013.

IMPORTANT - Mandatory Reporting Period: The reporting period for the 2012 cost report must reflect correct beginning and ending dates. Cost reports submitted with incorrect reporting periods will not be accepted and will be returned for correction. To assist providers/facilities to determine their correct reporting periods the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Rate Analysis Department (RAD) has created a list (item number 1 below) containing the contract numbers and specific mandatory reporting periods that must be used for the 2012 cost report.

2012 Cost Report Documents

  1. View the Mandatory Reporting Periods
  2. View the Program Specific Methodology Rules
  3. View the Cost Report Program Specific Instructions
  4. View the Cost Report Worksheets and Worksheet Instructions
  5. View the Cost Report Schedules and Certification Pages
  6. View the Cost Report Summary Report Examples
  7. View the ACRES Data Entry Manual


See cost report training section below for information.

Automated Cost Reporting & Evaluation System (ACRES)

View information regarding downloading the ACRES software

Excusal from Filing a Cost Report

View information regarding being excused from submitting a 2012 Cost Report

Cost Report Training

View information regarding cost report training

Due Date and Submission Address

The 2012 Cost Report must be submitted as per the instructions contained in Chapter 7 of the ACRES Data Entry Manual. In addition to electronically submitting the report file, required supporting documentation must be mailed to the address provided below so as to be received by the indicated due date.

Due Date: March 31, 2013

Regular Mail: Overnight & Courier Delivery:
HHSC Rate Analysis HHSC Rate Analysis
Mail Code H-400 Braker Center, Building H
P.O. Box 85200 Mail Code H-400
Austin, Texas 78708-5200 11209 Metric Blvd.
  Austin, Texas 78758-4021

Problems or Questions?

If you have questions regarding the cost report, the ACRES application, or the mailing and receipt of information, please call the appropriate person on the Contacts List.

Contact Rate Analysis

Send email to Rate Analysis

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